We know that being a ‘PetParent’ is more than just a title. It’s making sure their food has just the right ingredients, it’s having sleepless nights when you know they’re not okay and it is heartbreaking every single time you leave them. But most importantly, it’s understanding them, always. For all their tantrums, gestures, mood swings, and sloppy kisses. At Furbuddies, we understand that, and hence, we’re determined to only create the best for your pet & you. All of our products are home-grown, that is, they’re designed, curated, stitched, and packed individually. At every step of your product, a local artisan is spending hours behind it and is committed to making it their best work. Obviously, along with its quality and durability, the focus is also to make your product trendy, stylish, and uncommon for you and your fashion-forward pet.

Meet the Team


Alita D’souza
Chief Chatter & Brand Warrior

A PR professional, Alita D’souza chose to start FurBuddies for pet parents and pet lovers alike. With stylish apparel, comfortable beds, essential accessories, and home décor items for pet lovers, FurBuddies is everything Alita wanted as a dog mom for her constant companion – Buddy, and now Delilah. A women-owned and operated business, Alita and her partner Manisha Shah, along with Kevin Monteiro (dog-dad and cheerleader) chose to create FurBuddies in complete sync with Indian ethos. Hence all the products from FurBuddies are locally created by artisans and are authentically made in India. A fun-loving, jovial-natured woman, Alita has a keen design sense, and has designed a variety of products herself and collaborated with designers to achieve what she believes best translates the essence of FurBuddies. Built with love, support, and the drive to curate the best products for pets and pet lovers, Alita D’souza aims to bring FurBuddies’ motto to the world – Home-grown and Heart-made.


Manisha Shah
Jack of All Trades & Chief Product Officer

Donning a hat with many feathers, Manisha Shah has experimented with plenty of avenues. As the founder of a toy library, an ad agency, and a designer, the undying curiosity and desire for innovation is a fire that burns bright in her heart. Currently, in the second innings of her life, Manisha circled back to being a designer after dabbling in start-ups and business-forward ventures. Along with her enthusiastic partner, Manisha founded FurBuddies accidentally, but by fates design. She soon realized that while there are multiple brands out there, very few truly cater to dog-parents' needs. With Alita bringing in the insights, being a dog parent herself and Manisha bringing in her expertise in design and keen business acumen, FurBuddies is their glorious brainchild, made with a whole lot of love, and all heart. Handling the entire production line of FurBuddies, Manisha is often found surrounded by local artisans creating the products she knows will make your heart and your furbuddy happy.

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